Professional Obligations

Acceptance, Understanding, & Respect:

We value and respect your opinion and seek to work with you to foster growth, achievement, and progression in a variety of functional arenas, regardless of your race, gender, disability, ethnicity, culture, or spiritual orientation.

Ethically Guided Treatment with Integrity:

We care for and are aware of the many needs our clients and their families have. The treatments we employ are guided by empirical research and take into account the multitude of other professional disciplines that can assist you in achieving your potential. We strive to work in a collaborative relationship with community resources to help you achieve your goals.

Individualized Services & Programming:

Each treatment plan is tailored to meet the specific and unique needs of the individual client. Each client’s progress in therapy is monitored and accommodations are made when the need arises. Changes are always made in conjunction with the family or individual client and advantages and disadvantages of alterations in programming are discussed before implemented.

Family/Caregiver Involvement:

Dysfunction or pathology is rarely viewed in isolation. Rather, the interpersonal environment in which an individual resides is often critically important to establishing and maintaining positive treatment effects. Treatment techniques provided by OBH always attempt to foster and facilitate such involvement to achieve optimum, long lasting results.