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Tracy Kepple Clinical Supervisor

Tracy Kepple, M.S., BCBA is a board certified behavior analyst that provides services in San Diego county. Ms. Kepple has a mild/moderate education specialist credential and has been a special education teacher and case manager for over 12 years. She has experience with working with students from pre-k through high school. She has served students in a variety of environments including: special day classes, resource settings as well as inclusive school settings.

Ms. Kepple has a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies. She has a Masters of Arts degree in teaching and a Masters in Science in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Ms. Kepple has worked with Optimum Behavioral Health since May of 2013. Through her practice, she has worked with clients in many treatment modalities, such as: discrete trial training, pivotal response training, behavioral modification and with TEACCH curriculum. She has also worked extensively to increase parent involvement and parent education. She received all her training in applied behavior analysis through National University.