Optimum Behavioral Health


Proudly providing psychotherapy, autism therapy, and more behavioral health services in the San Diego area.

Pathology &
Identifying Problems


Early identification and treatment can improve your child’s long-term adjustment and maturity.


We offer group therapy and individual counseling to address your specific concerns.


We diagnose, clarify existing diagnoses, and offer professional recommendations.

Treatment Modalities


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) replaces maladaptive responses to stimuli with constructive ones.


This treatment is geared towards parents of autistic or related handicapped children. 


Pivotal Response Training (PRT) is designed to promote appropriate play skills, social interaction, and communication. 

About Optimum
Behavioral Health

About the Owner

Meet Gregory Carinci and learn about the origins of Optimum Behavioral Health!

Accepted Insurances

Learn with whom we’re affiliated and from whom we accept reimbursement.

Supervision Team

Our Clinical Supervision team is highly qualified to manage your case.

Meet The Team!


Get to know the people that make things happen and who will meet with your child face to face!

Clinical Supervisors

Meet the group of people who play an important role in OBH’s daily success.


Get familiar with the people who oversee our daily operations and make OBH great.


Send Us a Message

Let us know what we can improve upon or about how great we’re doing!

Our Benefits

We offer competitive pay and benefits; feel free to reach out if you want to join our team!

Our Safety Measures

Because we see several clients in office and in their homes, we take safety very seriously at OBH.

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